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Subway Surfers London Cheats Download for Android, iPhone

Subway Surfers’s world tour once ended in the city of London and this particular version of the game was superb in terms of graphics. Although there is a newer version available of the game if you’re still playing the London version then I’m going to provide you here Subway Surfers London hack & cheats download.

The cheats and hacks I’m going to share here will work on both Android and iPhone. The game is available for free on Google play store and the iPhone’s iTunes app store.

Using the hack & cheats provided by me here in this guide you’ll be able to play this game easily. You’ll be getting unlimited coins and keys in Subway Surfers London. But why you need these hacks & cheats? I’m asking this question as afterwards there will be no challenge left in the game to accomplish

Subway Surfers London Hack & Cheats

Subway Surfers London is the great version in terms of graphics and game play. The graphics were simply awesome in look and the game play improved from previous versions as it was the time of Christmas.

Using the hacks & cheats you’ll be able to get unlimited coins and keys that will let you do so many things in the game which were otherwise limited.

Here, users have to collect as many coins as they can and using the same coin collection they can upgrade their look, unlock new characters, buy more keys to save their life, upgrade the time frame for the special power-ups in the game.

There are certain other things which you can do with the unlimited coins like you can get unlimited number of hoverboards which can be used to get safer or to escape collision at times of running.

In simple words, after using these hacks & cheats of Subway Surfers London the challenge will not be there in the game. You won’t find anything interesting left in the game as everything will be simple as you’ll be having power for doing almost anything in the game.

The only major benefit of using it is that it will let you get high score quickly using which you can challenge your friends. You can easily get high score in terms of lakhs after applying all the hacks & cheats provided here.

One simple cheat that I want to share with you is that you should have hoverboards always in your store. During running, certain situation comes when you’re not left with any option to get safe from a collision.

At such times you can double tap on the display to get a hoverboard. Now when you collide while surfing on hoverboard the game won’t be over, instead you’ll reach forward. This is how you can save your life without using keys.